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Are There Any Wolf Peach Tomatoes Out There?

Wolf Peach”? Yes folks….Wolf Peach….that was the German Appellation for the Tomato back in the day. Why do we care about a German name for tomatoes? Because it highlights one of the many oddities surrounding the planets favorite vegetable (fruit). The tomato is certainly the only vegetable/fruit with a history as rich and mysterious any spy novel ever written. The tomato was considered a poison yet kept for its pleasing appearance. It has one of the most diverse family trees of any vegetable/fruit in existance….the potato, the eggplant, the tobacco plant are all members of the “Nightshade” family and nightshade is certainly a poisonous group and the tomato was considered a poisonous food for a LONG time.

I’m sure you’ve noticed my “vegetable/fruit” notations following the tomato’s classification. Did you know the tomato is considered a vegetable by command of the Supreme Court, yes it was a taxation decision. It was necessary to classify the tomato a vegetable in order to tax it properly, in reality, it is a true fruit botanically.

I guess my real message here is that with enough time and perseverance a backwater, poisonous, misclassified fruit can become the king of the planet’s culinary efforts!

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