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Tomatoes In A Bottle

It’s strange how Tomatoes pop up in everything we do in everyday life almost as a reminder….gently massaging our collective sub conscious minds with, “Read Tomato 411”! I just can’t believe how often this happens to me….I’m sure you have the same cosmic reminders all the time, right? Well, regardless, you’ll start to channel these same stellar reminders one of these days. Anyway, as some of you may or may not know I’m currently working in Charleston, West Virginia at the Bayer Crop Science plant for CH2M Hill (A large Engineering firm). We are dismantling some of the less environmentally friendly chemical units there as Bayer moves towards a more organic approach to crop protection. While I’m not a totally organic gardener I do appreciate putting a lesser amount of compounds into the soil. So by this point you are probably say to yourself, “What in the hell does West Virginia, Engineering, and Bayer have to do with tomatoes?” The answer to your pointed question is….actually, nothing. What is relevant to the conversation is the little red packet of “Heinz” Tomato Ketchup I received with my first morning breakfast at the luxurious “Sleep Inn” there in Charleston. That little packet reminded me of the larger bottle of the condiment I have at home in good ol’ Portage Michigan where I often “Sleep In” longer than my employer likes.

Anyway, as I thought about the ketchup I thought about what goes into a good recipe to make the ketchup. So I went out on the Web and Googled the Heinz recipe and lo and behold it brought back the top secret recipe of John Heinz from 1876. So here it is and don’t forget, YOU can make the very same or slightly altered recipe with your kids on some rainy day or just when you feel adventurous and want to relive days gone by. Remember, John didn’t have all the fancy utensils and advanced stoves we have today ….so, if so inclined turn the creation of Ketchup into an historic occasion and maybe even a new family tradition ☺.Making Tomato Ketchup

OK, here we go….first the Ingredients:

Now the Assembly:

……And there you have the whole “Secret Recipe”….and for those of you who are adverse to Corn Syrup, you can substitute a honey blend of half water and half honey to make the 1/2 cup substitute.
Bon Appetite!

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