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Tomato Seedlings

There I said it….”tomato seedlings”! Tomato seedlings seems to be something not many folks are familiar with these days. I IMG_0620_2can’t blame anyone for an absence of knowledge where tomatoes and seedlings are concerned because of the multitude of tomato plants ready for transplant at our local greenhouses and retailers. Currently there doesn’t seem to be the emphasis on seedlings the way there used to be, maybe we should take another look at this.

Seedlings take a little bit more effort than jumping in the car and heading to the local greenhouse and picking out our chosen plant. There are temperature limits (between 50°F and 75°F), where do I grow them (garage, basement, shed), what do I grow them in (Miracle grow potting soil works fine thanks), what about feeding them (Miracle grow takes care of that or manure tea*), and concerns about the proper lighting (Fluorescent bulbs work fine). All of these are work, but there is a benefit no one talks about….the “Super Seed”! Yes folks, every now and then Mother Nature provides us with a little bonus…..a plant that seems to be the exception rather than the rule, a plant that is a “Super Plant”! This plant grows faster, it grows bigger, it’s fruits taste better, and for reasons known only to the Olympian Tomato Gods it is just plain exceptional! So, what do we do with a plant like this? This is where the “Future” seedlings are going to come from. stay tuned, we’re going to have a seed clinic soon.

*Manure Tea….Take some manure (processed for sure), about 2lbs worth and put it in an old pair of panty hose and soak it in 4 gallons of water for a week, stir the liquid and you have Manure Tea!

photo credit: Ramsay2

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