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The End Of Tomato Season Approaches

TomatoMonsterWell it’s getting to be that time of year….the tomatoes are flowing fast and plentiful but it won’t be too long before Old Jack Frost shows up and there goes our beloved tomatoes for another season!
But not to worry…..there’s a few tomato recipes we’ll be taking a look at and some ideas to keep us busy for the winter months. So the “Tomato Monsters” won’t get a chance to cause us any real discomfort.
Things have been pretty hectic for me this season. I’ve been working on the road in Charleston, WV at Bayer Crop Science and I bought a new house this July. So all in all things have been pretty busy. Thank goodness the majority of the work is done and I can continue on with further adventures in the garden with our favorite fruit/vegetable the Tomato.
Don’t forget that we improve our gardens and yields by learning from our previous seasons….sooooo, NOW is a great time to make a short list of things we want to check into next season….maybe you didn’t like the way a certain product performed….or maybe you did!…Write it down! Perhaps you want to try a new variety of Tomato….write it down! Saw a product you might want to invest in next season….write it down!!! I can’t tell you how handy my little Tomato Diary has been over the years….and believe me as the number of seasons I’ve been planting grows, so does the dependance on the list!! It’s odd how the winter months erase the memories of the previous season…BUT with a list or diary or whatever means you’d like to employ to remind you of things gone by, you’ll be amazed at the results.

See you next month and enjoy all those Tomatoes as they grace your table!

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