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Tomato Diseases Aren’t Here Yet………

A Healthy Tomato...It's a 411 Tomato!

OK….so we’re a tad early with all the problems that can arise from growing tomatoes and tomato diseases, but we’re not too early for soil preparation. Soil preparation is one of the most fundamental things we can do to insure good health for our tomatoes. Many of the diseases that afflict tomatoes are borne from the soil you plant in. So, if we put in some fresh soil for our tomatoes we can usually insure a greater level of success for a modest investment. Bags of manure or garden soil are really inexpensive when you consider the health of your tomato plant.

I usually put half a bag in a hole I’ve dug for starting the tomato plant. A good start helps even a disease resistant…..and I emphasize “Resistant”, because the plants are NOT immune to the strains of the various diseases, but rather they are resistant to them.

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