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You Didn’t Make That Pizza, Tomatoes Did!

How does this look? Did you know our buddy the Tomato is the very essence of a Pizza? I know, that was a stupid question…..You guys know the role our tomatoes play in the culinary delight known as a Pizza. Now let’s look at building one of these beauties.

Firstly we need to provide a nice base or dough for building our Pizza. Here’s a little hint, go to your favorite pizza place and ask to buy some dough….I’ve not been turned down anywhere. In the event you want to try some of the selections at your favorite grocery market that’s perfectly acceptable as well. Once you have your dough it’s time to start thinking about your ingredients. So, what do we put on top on the dough?…….The Tomato sauce of course! You can use any sauce you like….you can even make a sauce from your own garden ripened tomatoes if you want to be truly original. I think you get my drift here, whatever you think will taste good probably will.

Next is the cheese, DON’T skimp on the cheese, use a good quality cheese, nothing tells on you faster than a cheap cheese! About a cup and a quarter for a 14″ pie will do….a little less for a 12″ pie, obviously. Now that we have the basic pie the fun part begins in earnest. Here’s what I do, take a couple of your finest tomatoes from the garden and dice them for the top of the pie, add some fresh basil leaves, after that you can pretty much add anything that tickles your fancy. There you have it, a true American Beauty.

This exercise is something you should do when there’s a rainy day or you’re trying to figure out a boredom killer, if you have kids running around you can turn this into a Pizza Party for them and their friends on an inclement day. Anyway, you get a great meal and you use up some of that bumper crop of tomatoes you have rolling out of the garden….you do have a bumper crop, right?

OK….see you next week with another suggestion for the table.



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