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Labor Day Is Here, The Tomato’s Work Is Done For Another Year!

Well here we are at the end of another year of fun and mirth in the ol’ garden with our favorite vegetable  (or fruit if you’re a purist) the Tomato. I’m sorry to say my crop here in Michigan was just OK…..not great, but just OK. I’ve been hanging around the planet for about 64 years and I’ll be damned if I can remember a hotter summer. Tomatoes love it hot, but this was ridiculous! As a result of the overbearing heat my tomatoes just didn’t shine like they normally do. I would like to say the tomatoes I did harvest were great though. I’m not too sure there’s such a thing as a bad tomato from the garden.

Anyway, the advent of Labor Day signals a slowing down in the frequency of my posts on Tomato 411. I’ll be falling back to posting monthly until next April when I once again crank up weekly postings. In the interim I’ll be posting more recipes and some various articles on special subjects. Also we’ll go over cleaning up the garden for end of season in the October edition of your favorite Tomato news source….I’ll even reiterate the trick for prolonging your late season harvesting so you can enjoy your tomatoes a little later in the season. Look for that in the October 6th issue (a Saturday). November 3rd we’ll have a few recipes and and perhaps a look at the upcoming election…of course I’ll be bipartisan in my right wing remarks….guffaw!…☺

Maybe I’ll throw in a salsa recipe or two for those fall gatherings that feature football…You know…Go State! OK, until next time stay well and enjoy your tomatoes!

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