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Halloween? Tomatoes? Nope, Tomato Cages!

Tomato Cages Retired? Hold on there Buckaroo! Every year you start cleaning up the garden and putting away those Tomato cages that you’ve constructed or bought….well hold those cages for a little while and you’ll have the “Perfect” form for whatever Halloween decorations your imagination has delivered to your frontal lobe!
Listen, you remember how much fun it was to dress up and run around a neighborhood collecting your sugar bounty, well don’t give up those days gone by! Maybe decorum prevents you from dressing up and running around the “Hood” trying to keep up with the kids but the pictures above might just let you celebrate Halloween vicariously through your TOMATO CAGES!!!
Whadoya think? C’mon….You know you want to do it. Sit back and let your creative juices run wild for a minute. If you’re anything like me you’ve got memories GALORE associated with Halloweens of the past. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood and your kids, grandkids, and all their friends will be blown away by your creativity!

Give it a shot….you’ve proven that you have a green thumb…..now try for an Orange Thumb!  ☺

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