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How About A Classy Tomato?

Y’know sometimes you’re walking along and you see this woman that just catches your attention for one reason or another. Maybe it’s the perfectly clear skin….perhaps beautiful hair , it might even be the way her clothes fit, it could even be a perfect smile…who knows? But I’ll bet you would never contribute any of this joy of vision to a Tomato would you? Well get ready to be surprised…if you know a little about the beauty benefits of the versatile Tomato.

How about these benefits, cure large pores or reduce acne and rashes or sooth a nasty sunburn or simply to revive the glow on dull skin?
Well all of these can be achieved with the miraculous Tomato. The India Times recently wrote an article extolling some of the health benefits of our favorite garden plant. You can read it here…. “Click Me!”

Alrighty….I’m off to play some golf in the wilds of “Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia…..working down here for a while in Charleston. I’m playing golf to sooth my angst over being away from my garden and all the tomatoes happily growing there….oh well, I’ll be home soon enough…☺

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