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Amish Tomato Seeds 35 Minutes Away

tomato bountyNaturally, I’m speaking of our local area….South West Michigan! Just south of here are tons of Amish and Mennonite farms and communities in the Shipshewana, IN area, there’s lots of country to be explored and lots of new friends to be made in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and other places with Amish communities. The Amish have a great reputation for saving the seeds of such stalwarts as the Brandywine tomato, but the Amish aren’t the only ones that have an affinity for the tomato….remember, the tomato is the favorite vegetable/fruit of the American people.

If you’re out driving around and see a roadside stand….STOP, talk to the folks that are offering their tomatoes for sale, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Give it a try!
Creative Commons License photo credit: bnilsen

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