Tomato Variety Database

Welcome to the “Tomato Database Page”.

Who Says I don’t listen to my readers?…….

I received an email the other day that was a little bit critical of my layout, so I decided maybe I should listen…..and I did! The major complaint was that upon arriving at this page it wasn’t immediately obvious where the databases were, so with out further ado…..Here are the links to the Tomato Variety Databases……….


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I was originally going to place an entire database on these pages….I even went out and obtained a plug-in for Word Press that would accommodate  the formatting necessary to achieve such a lofty goal. Then I discovered something even I….”Tomato Man” didn’t know….there are over 3400 varieties of Tomatoes in the world and new ones being developed each year..Wow!

So, I decided to do the next best thing….I’ll create a list of prominent databases from around the Internet and list them here so you’ll be able to find whatever your heart desires in the way of what a tomato type is, and what color it is, and how long it takes to mature, etc!

Alrighty then…let’s explore our first link. One of the largest databases on the Web belongs to a nice lady named Tatiana Kouchnareva, she has a database called, not surprisingly, Tatiana’s TOMATObase.

Click here for Tatiana’s site …………….If you look around you will also see a ton of other useful information and seeds you can purchase if you wish to try some new varieties and tastes. WARNING: This database DOES NOT HAVE a lot of the current hybrid tomatoes

However, THIS DATABASE does! The link at the left is a link to the Cornell University Tomato Database. This will have all the current hybrids like “Early Girl”, “Better Boy”, “Jet Star”, and “Celebrity” just to list a few. On the left hand side of the page in a manila colored box labeled “Search” you’ll be able to look up any tomato you are interested in.  Not only that, but the database has feedback from folks that have grown each variety…a VERY good site! If you want to just peruse the site for tomatoes to get some ideas you can click on the “Browse Crops” link at the top left and then choose “Tomatoes” from the menu that appears. I would also recommned that you look around the site for information on other garden crops…I didn’t even know there were others….other than the glorious tomato. ☺

More to come……….