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Yes Virginia, There Is A 4th Of July Tomato

Tomato, Fourth Of July Hybrid

The first tomato to ripen by Independence Day!

Be the first on your block to have vine ripened red, luscious tomatoes by the Fourth of July. Enjoy the plentiful harvest about 49 days after setting plants in the garden. Indeterminate plants produce fruits that average 4 ounces all season long. OK, so I stole this picture from the folks over at Burpee Seed…I’m sure they’ll forgive me. I kind of stumbled across this as I was investigating another tomato plant that bears fruit early…but not as early as this beauty.
I haven’t grown this variety, but you can bet I’ll give it a shot soon….maybe even this year if I can get my hands on some seed. I’ll let you know if I do and I’ll definitely grow some next season! Stay tuned for results.
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