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Welcome To Tomatoes 2012!

Well here we are again! Isn’t it nice to be back with all our leafy friends?

This year should be an adventurous one given our recent weather shenanigans and backward timing of Mother Nature. Be that as it may, I think we’re going to have a great planting season for our little red buddies…The World Famous Tomato Plant!

OK, we’re going to start out with a report from our local greenhouse growers next week to see if they hold any surprises for us in the way of “New Tomato Varieties”. I’m also going to check to see if one of our local growers is going to pursue some grafted Tomato plants that may be available here in Portage, MI. PLEASE be aware that the grower involved with this possibility is in the marketing investigation phase of this potential so it may be awhile before we have any answers….I’ll keep you up to date.

We’ll have another addition to the Tomato 411 site as well. I’m looking into initiating a section for Tomato Disease Symptoms and their related treatment. This will be aimed at the local environment but should apply nationally as well. I’ll be continuously hunting for seed bargains where I can find them and will pass them along as they become available.

Alrighty then…..we’re off! I’ll be posting the news from the local growers next week, so stay tuned!



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