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A Tomato By Any Other Name….

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You probably didn’t know I was a Shakespeare aficionado did you? Actually it all started when I was dating a girl that lived in an apartment complex in apartment 2B…being a little nervous the first time I arrived I asked myself, “2B or not 2B “, well that’s neither here nor there. Didn’t mean to digress into a fit of nostalgia…let’s see where were we? Oh yea, I was going to tell you about a new feature here on Tomato 411. You may or may not have noticed a page in the at the top of the page entitled, “Tomato Variety Database”, well that page has a brand new listing for you to peruse. You’ll also find out there are over 3,400 different tomatoes varieties and more on the way (hybrids). I’ll be updating the links on that page as I find those sites worthy of exploration by my rabid fans….both of them.

Anyway, as we look forward to the coming season for not only Tomatoes, but the rest of the garden residents, we’ll be delving into some of the elements and compounds that make tomatoes happy….last week we talked about Calcium, in the coming weeks we’ll take a look at Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and even a little Sulpher. I can hear your pulse rates increasing already, I know mine has!☺

Additionally, I’ll continue to look for items that are current and relevant to our pal the Tomato, as well as looking into some of the offerings of our local growers here in the Portage and Kalamazoo area. Please stay tuned, hopefully we’ll have a great year for growing the Tomato!

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