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Shopping For “YOUR” Tomato!!

TomatoBeautiesWell, here we are ready to set out on a Tomato hunting expedition to find the perfect Tomato for our little corner of the gardening world.
You’ve got a large selection available to you for your garden….I like to use at least 2 or 3 choices that have proven to be winners for my corner of gardening. My 1st choice for annual continuity is the fabled “Early Girl”. The largest Tomato plant I ever grew was an Early Girl. It was a plant that grew onto the roof of my garage….probably to a height of 8′-0″. I actually won about a weeks worth of drinks from the lads at the local watering hole after telling them about my Magic Jack and the Beanstalk Tomato plant and receiving a hail of BS Flags. We then formed a convoy to my home and there was not a single protest as to my accuracy after seeing the Magic plant in all it’s glory. It became a part of the folklore of some of the local gardeners. Occasionally I still hear references to the momentous plant.☺ Naturally that was a genetic abnormality, but occasionally you’ll get a plant that just out preforms all expectations…this is the time to take the finest Tomato and start the procedure to save the seed. I did exactly that with my “Early Girl” plant…..what became of the seeds is too painful to recount.
In any event, there are others I lean towards on my annual pilgrimage to Tomato nirvana. The fabled “Big Boy” is another favorite. Big Boys are consistently excellent performers with great Tomato taste, although none have ever threatened the top of my garage roof.
Jet Star is one I like to plant as well. The key to annual favorites is their consistent great results…kinda like an old pair of shoes.

Beyond my annual regulars there is a world of Tomatoes to explore. Keep in mind that Heirlooms will require a little extra care, but having said that, they can yield some of the best tasting Tomatoes You’ve ever tasted….Brandywines are one of my favorites in this category. Aside from my favorite you may want to start trying various Heirlooms as the seasons go by, you may discover your own personal favorite!

There is a “Tomato Variety Database” page at the top of this Blog….Start exploring there….you will find over 1400 varieties to choose from. There are several databases included in the page and they show and describe all that you can choose from.
DO NOT FORGET your local Greenhouses, they are wealth of information and they usually carry varieties that do well in your neck of the woods. Good Luck with your adventures into Tomato hunting experiences.

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