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Last Minute Tomato Decisions

Tomato decisionOK there you are right at the last minute trying to decide what will be the last type Tomato you’ll plant with one spot left in the garden!

Well get adventurous….head out to the local Greenhouses and look around….You’ll be amazed at what’s out there. Ask some questions and learn what the latest hybrid is….which heirloom they carry….try a new variety you’ve never planted in the past…..in short, just take some time for yourself and learn a few new tricks.
You’ll be amazed what you will come across. I’ve learned a boatload from just passing the time with a fellow shopper. A brief conversation with a clerk or if you ask,  you might spend some time with the owner of the enterprise. All in all I’ve found people that plant things are a pretty good lot. They are happy to share experiences and pass along valuable information without reservation.
So that’s it for this entry….short and sweet….get out there!

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