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Hey Christmas Is On The Way…How About Tomato 411?

411_bookcoverYes fans this is an unabashed commercial this month promoting the 100 plus pages packed with useful information for the novice Tomato grower! I do this not to promote the book so much as to give you folks the opportunity to cross someone off your Christmas gift list with a gift that will be giving long after the Christmas Season is over!
Chapter 1…….A Little Background
A bit of history on America’s favorite vegetable
Chapter 2……Varieties: Which One’s Are For You
A look at the various varieties of tomatoes
Chapter 3……Growing Healthy Tomatoes
From seed to harvest and everything in between
Chapter 4……Fertilizing And Maintenance
Side dressing to Sun scald and Cracking it’s all in this chapter
Chapter 5…….Harvesting Your Crop
ABC’s of getting the most out of your harvest and even Green Tomatoes
Chapter 6…….Diseases and Pests
The Title says it all!
Chapter 7…….Growing Organically
Once again the title tells the story!

The book along with this website will give you all the insight you need to make a great Tomato Farmer in your neck of the woods. I might add there are NO pictures in the book to inflate the size of the contents. I originally conceived the idea of the book along with a companion website as the best way to deliver content and I think it was a good choice…..and all of you have proven me right I believe. Have a Very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, your choice. See You in the New Year upcoming ☺

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