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There Are GIANT Tomatoes On The Loose!!

GiantNewTomato2014 heralds the advent of Gigantic Tomatoes! Take a look at this beauty….a new strain of tomato from our friends over at Burpee Seeds. Burpee has been around since 1876 and has always been an excellent source for all things “Garden” in my estimation. This beauty, by the way, is a Beefsteak Hybrid given the moniker of “Steakhouse”!
NOTE: A little reminder should be inserted here concerning “Hybrids”. If you are contemplating saving seeds from any hybrid tomato plant please be advised that “hybrid” seeds don’t always reproduce the way you think they will….it’s all very confusing…..the F1 tomato (1st generation) will produce the strain that is on the seed packet, but the F2 tomato (2nd generation) could be wildly different from whatever you saved the seed from. This all has to do with the original crossing of the plant…..so just be advised that saving seeds from hybrids is a dicey proposition.

OK, so we went and bought the seeds for these Goliath Tomatoes and we’ve started the seedlings and things are progressing swimming….right? Well, maybe. Let’s move down the growing season about 2 months. The “Steakhouse” tomato is listed at 75-80 days until harvest, but I want you to take a look that behemoth…..they’re saying between 2 and 3 pounds each for these, how the hell are we going to support these? Well if you’re looking for an answer from me I have to apologize….I don’t have a clue….yet. My first thought on these is to support them with a cheese cloth sling….kinda like you use for a broken arm. I’ll play with them this year and report back when I figure it out.
Aside from the obvious weight problems with a tomato this large there is a lot of upside with this tomato! I’m speaking of “Family” upside. These tomatoes could be a load of fun trying to see which plant would yield the largest tomato….AND there could beĀ  a lot of imagination exercise with the very problem we were just talking about….Supporting these guys! All in all I’d say there is whole world of ways to approach growing these giants.
I’m sure with a little quiet contemplation you could come up with some dandy projects for the kids, the family, or even a Troop, like Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H projects, Indian Guides, or any other organization you can think of….the main objective is to have fun and even a chance at learning something to carry forward….Happy Investigations!

UPDATE: In October of last year I included a picture with my article that actually belonged to Laura Watt. I published that photo without her permission and I want to give her credit for that photo…..obviously it was “High Quality” or I wouldn’t have used it myself. You can see her photo at her site as follows http://cubitsorganics.com/2012/08/how-to-save-heirloom-tomato-seeds/

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