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My Favorite Tomato Greenhouses for 2012

Schuring’s Greenhouses have a new “Welcome Awning” to signal the opening of the growing season.

They have also added a new Tomato variety, Health Kick! But, alas, the Mister Stripy Tomato is no longer available at Schuring’s. The Tomato God’s give and the Tomato God’s take away or something like that. All the Girls will be there as always….Carole, Sue, Patty, and a host of other “Tomatoes”….if I can say that….☺

OK here’s a recap of the Tomatoes at Schuring’s…Beefmaster, Better Boy, Big Boy, Celebrity, Early Girl Golden Jubilee, Grape Juliet, Jet Star, Lemon Boy, Mr. Stripey, Pink Girl, Red Cherry, Red Plum, Roma Italian, Rutgers, Sweet 100, Yellow Cherry, Yellow Plum, Agriset (a small grape), Amish Paste, Big Beef, Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter Park’s Whopper, Patio, Superfantastic, Tomatilla, Huskey Red and the Better Bush. Don’t forget the new “Health Kick”.

Opps…I almost forgot…the “Tomato” pictured above is Sue. She’s one of the owners and you’ll find her at the Greenhouse most of the time…be sure and say hello and mention this blog…I can use all the brownie points I can get.


My other favorite Greenhouse is the perennial favorite here in Portage, Schram’s Greenhouse. Schram’s has an equally impressive array of Tomatoes available for your garden plus a few new ones this year. here’s the list…

Standard Heirlooms are Red Brandywine, Beefsteak, Large Cherry, Golden Jubilee, Marglobe, Roma, Rutgers, Yellow Pear, and Tomatillos. Hybrids are Beefmaster, Better Boy, Big Beef, Celebrity, Bush Champion, Early Girl, Jet Star, Juliet, La Roma, Lemon Boy, Mountain Spring, Patio, SuperSonic, Super Steak, Sweet 100, and Sun Sugar. Additional Heirlooms are Black Krim, German Johnson, Great White, Green Zebra, Mr. Stripey, Yellow Brandywine, Pink Brandywine, Black Cherry, Amish Paste, Box Car Willie, and the famous Mortgage Lifter. The additions this year are Goliath and Totem. The lovely young lady holding the “Fast Start” Tomato is Dawn Kovach. You’ll be able to see Dawn at the Schram’s location throughout the season.

Here’s a link back to April of last year with more pictures of the Schuring and Schram Greenhouses…CLICK HERE

OK, that’s about it for the beginning of the season…..stay tuned we’ll have some tips and tricks in the coming weeks…get ready to Grow!


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