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Tomato MixWhoa….That’s a lot of tomatoes! Did you know that estimates of all types of tomatoes approach 10,000 different kinds? So you’re probably asking yourself what type of tomatoes should “I” plant this year…well, obviously that’s a matter of taste and your level of adventure. Hopefully you answered that question when you ordered your seeds this year, but if you didn’t, it’s still not too late to think about what kind of tomato adventures you want to undertake. You can still order seeds in time to plant and if you want to make a choice a little later you can purchase tomato plants from one of the nurseries or greenhouses in your locale. This is the time of year to let your imagination and taste buds have a little leeway.
OK, that’s it for this months contribution to the coming season….short and sweet. Next month we’ll review the planting procedure and look ahead to preparing the garden as the Spring months roll into our little plot of soil. If you have young children the coming months are a good time to pique their interest in growing or introduce them to the garden. Think about “Biggest Tomatoes’…..”Best Tasting Tomatoes”….”Quickest Tomatoes to the Table”…….there are contest galore for the younger gardeners. Good Luck!

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