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Box Car Willie and The Kelloggs Doin’ Great

Tomatoes Growing

Kellogg's Breakfast on the left and Box Car Willie on the right

Remember these guys?, two weeks ago? No? Well that probably because they are growing like they’re on “Steroids” or something! Naturally, they aren’t on steroids…I mean that would be illegal and next thing you know I’d be in front of some Congressional Committee trying to explain why needles were found in my garden shed and how it was that my “Box Car Willie” claimed to have dabbled with Vegetable Growth Hormone” on occasion and knew other plants were taking them, but he had nothing to do with them. No….no…..we don’t want to go there and besides I wouldn’t risk my “Organic Growers Club” membership card just for the sake of a “Super Tomato” or two, although they have been a little snippy about the late dues, anyway let’s get back to the tomatoes.

OK, the guy on the left is a “Kellogg’s Breakfast” heirloom and the guy on the right is one of my favorites, a “Box Car Willie” heirloom. See how they grow! Why hell, two weeks ago they were about half the size they are now, why you could say they’ve doubled in size. I think I did a redundancy there, but nonetheless these guys are really moving along. The dose of fertilizer really gave them a kick. They don’t have any real fruit yet, but they will shortly……meanwhile back at the Jet star we have considerable growth with the fruit.

We’ll be seeing some color with these guys very soon, maybe even next week. So I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Hey, just as an aside for you folks that don’t live in Michigan, on the 11th (Monday) we had one hellacious storm roll through Southwest Michigan. My plants made out OK. I think it was due to the fact that the fence provided a great deal of shelter for the plants. I’ve heard that some other folks didn’t fare so well. That’s too bad, I hate to hear of  a labor of love being interfered with even by Mother Nature. OK, well be learning about the terrible Tomato Horn Worm next week. We’ll be looking out for signs that you might have one of these beast. See you next Saturday!

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