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Tomato Supports On Steroids

Hey…..How about this baby!!!

I know…I know, I can hear you now….Has Jack lost his mind?!

Well the short answer is, “Not entirely!” When you get into the “Tomato Growing” game there is one time of the season that is not much fun….that’s the end of the season. That’s when we try and dismantle the various forms of supporting our tomatoes for the next season….and believe me, it’s a sad time of year for me…no more tomatoes until next season. The only thing that keeps me from committing Hari Kari is the Pittsburgh Steelers…Thank God for football! Let’s see, where were we…Oh yea, our plastic tomato support! So, we’re at the end of the season and what do we do to save our current system of supporting our tomatoes? Well if you used the “Tom Matkey PVC Tomato Cages” you wouldn’t have to wonder for long….You just pull the Schedule 40 (schedule 40 means the thickness and strength of the plastic) PVC cages apart and put them away until next year! How about that? I’ll bet that quickened your pulse!!

OK here’s the deal, good ol’ Tom hasĀ  a website that explains exactly how to put one of these babies together….you can go HERE. When you arrive at Tom’s site you’ll see a box at the top of the page…in that box are the secrets to building your very own successful PVC Pipe Tomato Cage. This is great….there a ton of benefits to supporting your tomatoes this way. Let me list a few, if I may:

1. This method is the ultimate tomato support method without any rust worries.
2. The white color of the typical PVC pipe is excellent for NOT getting too hot.
3. Environmentally safe!
4. Parts is parts….one photo for reference and it’ll go together like clockwork.

Listen I could go on with benefits but I think you get the idea….in fact you should come up with a few yourself, as a matter of fact we’re going to have some homework this week. I want you to think up 50 ways this method is superior and write an essay with a minimum of 1000 words double spaced on 24# paper. Yes, and I want footnotes too! Meet me back here next week at the same time and we’ll go over the papers….the best one will receive a set of bladeless knives without handles. Remember…neatness counts!

OK, until next week…..keep an eye on those tomato plants!

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