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Tomato Supports Are Serious Business

Alrighty then….we’ve had some chuckles and some fun picking our tomatoes and how we’ll plant them, and now we’re going to look at perhaps the most important part of caring for our tomatoes…..the multitude of ways to “Support Tomatoes”. You can “Cage tomatoes”, you can “Stake tomatoes”, you can “Trellis tomatoes”, You can “Vertical string or twine your tomatoes”….and a whole boatload of other methods as well, obviously there are as many ways to support your tomatoes as there is varieties, or pretty close anyway.

OK….I can hear you, so I’ll tell you what I’m doing to support “SOME” of my tomatoes…we’ll get to the rest in a week or two. Let’s take a look at 3 of my tomatoes where they sit presently…OK?Pretty Cool huh? Normally I use this area of the garden for Morning Glories but they’ve kinda gone the way of the proverbial Do Do Bird, so I decided like a good gardener to “ROTATE” where this years tomato crop will live. Well, to be honest, I didn’t really rotate the crop because they’re in containers….but nobody needs to know that except you and I right? BTW…this type of feature can be built right into a garden or a lawn feature or anywhere you’d like one of these. Mine happens to be attached to my fence but you guys can EASILY make one right in the middle of you yard for next to nothing…or the middle of you garden….your choice. Here it is in a nutshell….2-4″x 4″ fence posts, one 4′-0″ x  8′-0″ lattice….some nails (big ones), and some “Quikcrete”….a 50 lbs bag should do, borrow a post hole digger….dig down about 18″ for the first hole and the same for the second 8″-0″ away in any direction of your choosing. Pound a bunch of nails deeply into the end of the post you’ll be putting into the ground (the nails should be sticking out about 2″ or 2 1/2”)…..wet the hole….put half the bag of Quikcrete in, add some water, mix it around until it reaches the consistency as per the directions, shove the nailed end into the ground and brace it so it stands straight upright, allow to dry for a day, and VOILA, you have a garden or lawn feature….now put 3 nails each into the post and hang the lattice on it….plant as you will…any climbing vegetation….wasn’t that easy?

In any event, as you can see I’m using the ol’ lattice to support 3 of my tomato varieties this year….what’s that? How am I going to attach the tomatoes to the lattice work? Well I’m glad you asked….here you go…I’m using a product called “Foamwire” to attach the tomato plant to the lattice work.









As you can see the Foamwire has a soft exterior around a flexible wire. This is excellent as it allows attaching items without hurting any plant you may use the Foamwire with.

Here’s a picture of the original package the “wire” came in….unfortunately this particular brand is not readily available in the States any longer. I have a source I’ll give you in a future post after I’ve checked the pricing out this year.

There is one tool you should absolutely be using to suport your tomatoes above all others. That tool is free and we all have it laying around…”Your Imagination”!!! Your home and garden are a reflection on you and yours….MAKE it reflect who you are, who you love and what you love.



I’ll let you in on a well guarded secret that all the “Garden Gurus” out there would prefer you not to know….THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY OR WRONG WAY TO REFLECT YOUR LOVE OF GARDENING!!!! Experiment….play with your garden and your tomatoes…if you have an idea, well then, by all means use it. I’ve seen cages, stakes, string, angled chain link fencing, light poles, ladders, lamp posts, bamboo, electrical conduit, plastic piping, metal fence stakes, sheppard staffs, spiral wound wire, and more methods than I have room for in way of support for the venerable tomato plant. I guess my point here is that you are out there in the garden for a reason….you enjoy it. Carry it to the next level…be a little adventurous….take a chance….I know you have an idea of what would be neat…try it. You can’t fail, it’s only one more way NOT to do something and that helps with how to do something NEW!

OK, I’ll be reviewing some other common ways to support your tomatoes in the next few weeks, so stay with me on our trip with Support Methodology 101. It should be an adventure!

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