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It’s Not The Pig….It’s The Fence, Or Should I Say Cage!

This guy can’t get out from behind that Hog Fence, but your “Tomato Plants” will be able to grow right through there! Tomato seedlings don’t have to worry about support and even young tomato plants will be OK, but as the seedling grows into a mature tomato plant it will eventually need support. You can stake a plant or you can trellis a plant, but maybe the best way is to put your tomatoes in a cage. I use what is variously called “Pig fence”, “hog fence”, and is some places “field fenced”. This fence has great openings for reaching inside and doing whatever task your tomato plant requires. The openings are 6″ x 6″, just perfect for support and access. I bought this fence in Indiana from an Amish farmer for $.28 a foot. 9′-0″ lengths make a nice 3″-0″ diameter tomato cage.

Just as a little aside, the Tomato 411 book is in the midst of being made available on the Amazon.com site and should be listed for sale inside of 2 weeks, stay tuned!

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