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Cage, Stake, Trellis, Hang, It’s A Mess!

Lower Garden, 8 bedsThe Friend of the Court should have this many options on how to support a young one, except in our case it’s a young tomato!

You may want to bookmark this site when all is said and done. My friends over at the Master Gardeners Organization have provided a complete analysis of just about every conceivable way to support tomatoes complete with all the “Pros” and “Cons”!

What they don’t tell us is what else can be done with the more permanent approaches to supporting our tomatoes in the garden and how that can be a huge aid for crop rotation in the garden from year to year.

I’ve had some friends that have taken a somewhat out of the box approach to masking, disguising, blending, or whatever you’d like to call their camouflage in the garden. Naturally, this applies to the more permanent structures in the garden. I’ve seen Grape vines run along the horizontal portions of the trellis approach, I’ve seen English Ivy grown on them, I’ve seen Climbing Roses utilized, and ALL to good effect!

How about that crop rotation we often forget about? In the Tomato “off” years, how about tying a string to the horizontal member and plant some Green Beans…Great Lakes Blues grow great in this situation….actually, any plant that climbs can be used in this case. You’re not limited to vegetables either, some flowers LOVE to climb. How about Brown Eyed Susans or Morning Glories. I guess my main point is that whatever your imagination comes up with is an idea worthy of a try. You might pleasantly surprise yourself.
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