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Tomato Seedlings, A Good Start

Whether you’re using organic seeds or catalog seeds you need make sure you get those seedlings off to a good start. The best thing you can do to make sure you’re using seeds from a reputable dealer or provider. A little research in this area can yield some big gains later in the growing season. Your local garden supply store will be able to tell you their opinion of seeds for your locale. A search or two on Google will also yield some leads on seeds for the garden and especially those Tomato seeds we want.

If you’re buying seedlings from your local greenhouse you’re going to have to rely on their expertise, so be good and sure you know who you’re dealing with! I would steer clear of those large chains that sell everything under the sun. I’m not saying they are necessarily bad, just their choices in seedlings is more driven by economics versus love of the Tomatoes…lol. Remember, regardless of your tomato growing preferences, organic seeds may be a better choice for starting your seedlings than an unknown source of the seeds.

If you purchased “Tomato 411”, seed are discussed in greater detail there. Good Luck!

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