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green_hands3_pc_400_wht_1954OK…..so I stole Geoffrey Chaucer’s line about “Mighty Oaks” from tiny acorns. Nonetheless, it is pretty neat how a big Tomato Plant grows from such a tiny seed……and how that seed holds all the coded messages from tomatoes gone by in it’s DNA code.
We don’t get to alter that code….BUT, we do get to influence the flavor of the resultant code with a little planning and a little care.
Before we do all the little things that add the flavor perhaps we should take a little refresher course in planting tomatoes from seed. I’m going to provide a link for growing our tomatoes. I reviewed a lot of YouTube videos and I found one that capsulizes the steps in a real simple fashion….yes it has a couple of plugs for their products but essentially gives an excellent outline for growing the tomato seedlings. You will notice they talk about “Grow Lights” in the video….and even show a setup for growing the tomato seeds….this is always the one things I hear about growing tomatoes from seed. “Isn’t it expensive to buy grow lights?” That depends….do you have any other hobbies? Do you spend money on them? It all depends on how you look at the expense….a good set of grow lights can be purchased from Amazon for @ $60.00 shipping included…. Amazon Tomato Grow lights . Of course you can spend whatever your imagination and pocketbook will allow for.
The science involved is a real draw for me as well…the experimenting with various new plants and how they do out in “MY” soil….☺
OK, lets get back to that link for the video….Tomato Seed Video . The steps for growing from seed are relatively simple once you’ve either purchased or cobbled together the grow light aspect of seed development.

Alrighty then, we’ve seen how to use our seeds to get the new tomato plants under way….our next steps will be to get the soil ready for planting. We’ll cover the basics next month…early May. Of course if you’ve purchased the book “Tomato 411” perhaps it’s time for another visit to the book….there’s plenty of great advice in there to review. I’ll also be talking about additives to the soil to enhance the flavor of our favorite fruit/vegetable…☺

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