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TOMATOES….More Complex Than We Thought!

7000GenesMoretomatoLook at these beauties! They look pretty mundane don’t they? Well, my friend, recent, very recent discoveries have finally identified the total number of genes in the Tomato Genome! Cool huh? The tomato genome contains 31,760 genes. That’s a whopping 7000 MORE than the human genome! You are probably saying to yourself, “Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what impact will that have on my world?” Let me tell you what some of the potentials are….
The first place I tend to look is what it will do for the Tomatoes susceptibilities to various diseases, molds, nematodes, and viruses that attack the plant and the fruit/vegetable. Once the target fruit has been safeguarded from the danger of disease we can move on to other areas of enhancement. We’ve talked about enhancing flavor several times in the recent past, especially in the tomatoes we get in the off-season.
The real investigation for Genomic Science (A REALLY new field of Biology) is the logging of data and inter-relationships between the genetic structure to yield useful data for improving the Human Condition. The long and short of all of this is the advent of new potentials, not just for the biological impact of eating an improved fruit/vegetable, but rather the opening of new doors that may lead us into discoveries we had never even imagined….perhaps medical cures….who knows?

I would remind all of you if you’re looking for any information on supports, fertilizer, plant varieties, diseases, or anything else to use the search box to look for whatever you want….and Hey! Check out the pages at the top of the page too….there’s a complete reference to Tomato varieties, Tomato diseases, and Tomato seeds….just a reminder….
We’ll be talking more next month on the progress of various varieties of tomatoes and some new and exciting discoveries……Think “Warn Nights and Warm Soil!”

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