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Tomatoes And Research…A New Approach For 411

ResearchTomatoWell, we’re entering our 5th year here on the blog, the mate to the now world famous Tomato Book….Tomato 411! So I thought it would be pretty cool to switch to a resource that not only highlights the why’s and the wherefore’s of Tomato Gardening, but also brings current developments in the Tomato growing world to the forefront.

Look at these tomatoes, aren’t they beautiful? I’ll answer that question…Yes, they are! How would you like to have a tomato just like this in the middle of January? I’ll take a stab at that question too….I’ll bet you would if the tomato tasted just like one from your garden in August. Well, guess what….scientist are getting pretty close to making Hot House (Greenhouse) Tomatoes taste as good as your summer garden tomatoes.

I’d like you to put on your fantasy caps for a moment and imagine a culinary world with GREAT tasting tomatoes year around…..a slice of summer on that cheese burger…..a salad with “Real” tomatoes garnishing it……a tomato sauce over your favorite pasta made fresh in February! The possibilities are just tremendous for the entire restaurant and kitchen world.

Now imagine tomatoes grown for specific dishes and purposes that ENHANCE your eating experience versus giving a longer shelf and transportation life for the tomato growers of Florida and California.
For years tomatoes have been modified with thicker skin to aid in the transport of tomatoes to a tomato hungry nation. They have been modified to last longer on the shelves of our supermarkets….but there has been a price to pay for this….FLAVOR!

Well take heart America, all of this is going to change in the foreseeable future…..Great tasting tomatoes will be grown locally! They’ll be grown in Greenhouses….AND they’ll taste GREAT! All we need now is the new tomato hybrid with a new name to carry all the flavor enhancing genetic engineering that our taste buds long for.

Now I don’t want you to get all freaky on me about “Genetic Engineering”…..Hell, the Indians did it with the corn they grew. Bet you didn’t know that did you? Well, it all came from the way they grew their corn. They’d go fishing and catch Bluegills…..guess what they did with those Bluegills….they’d put a corn seed down the fish’s throat and PLANT the whole thing and a little while later they’d have a healthy corn stock growing. Pretty ingenious huh? Well they were doing something else too….albeit, unbeknownst to them, but still the same, they were changing genetic structure as time passed. Even today such giants in the field of crop genetics such as Montsano, Dole, Cargill, and others are researching fish genetics for incorporation into Corn crops, I think those Indians were a step ahead of their time!

Well, the long and short of all of this Indian lore and Modern Day Scientific Genetic Experimentation is the coming of a new crop of hybrids with great taste….and I’m all for it. If you want to worry about things that could kill you, you can study “Table Salt”…..a compound comprised of TWO DEADLY chemicals….Sodium and Chloride….eat either one separately and they’ll be putting Corn Seeds down YOUR throat!! Anyway, the purpose of me telling you all of this is to herald a new direction for the blog. I’ll be reporting monthly, from now forward, on the new developments in Tomato Science. If you have any questions about any aspect of growing Tomatoes you can use the “Search” function and find whatever it is you’re curious about within the site.

So we begin our journey into the unknown of Tomato Science…..we should have a great trip as time passes…..I will document our discoveries as we go where no garden has gone before….”Bean” me up Scotty…..

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