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Tomatoes Are Playing A Role In Tomorrow

tomato 4.26.16The University of California has a machine it calls the Robovator! This device on the back of the tractor is being used in the West side of the San Joaquin Valley in a Tomato Farm. I know…..I can hear it now…..Jack’s done it again, another piece of useless trivia! Well, not so fast my garden buddies! Let me give you the facts behind the “Robovator”. Traditionally, these big farms go out and hire a ton of laborers to “Cultivate” the rows of Tomatoes and get rid of any weeds or other unwelcome visitors. Now, take another look at the picture. Do you see how far the fields run? How long do you think it would take to walk a row and cultivate and fertilize it? Well here’s the good news. That tractor is cultivating at 5 MPH and laying down precise amounts of fertilizer simultaneously with ZERO harm to the Tomato Plants. If we compare this method to manual labor we can see a massive difference in the two. The benefits going down the road are huge. Not only that, but this is just being tested on Tomatoes. How about String beans, cabbage, broccoli, and an entire host of other vegetables and flowers. On a political note, imagine the impact this will have on the border. A large number of illegals are not going to be coming into America if there’s no work for them! All in all, I see a bright future going forward.

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