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Don’t Give Your Tomato The Cold Shoulder!

coldTomatoesWell here we go again with the constant battle over whether or not to refrigerate the Tomato….and I always ask the same question in response to the person inquiring for my opinion …..“What does your local grocery store do with their Tomatoes…Hmmmm?”
Listen Tomato fans, grocery stores spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars on techniques of display, freshness longevity, and everything else surrounding the marketing of their products and produce. So if our friends at the grocery store don’t refrigerate “THEIR” Tomatoes why should You?
Actually there is a lot of good reasons why a Tomato shouldn’t be refrigerated, mostly to do with “Volatile Compounds” and cellular structure of the Tomato and a whole bunch of other technical stuff….BUT, there are times when refrigeration makes sense. Let me give you an example…..suppose you’ve just cut a nice, fresh, juicy Tomato for a sandwich or whatever and you’ve got a half of a Tomato left, assuming the Tomato was nice and ripe when you cut it it’s OK to refrigerate it if it’s going to be a while before you use it again. You see a fully ripe Tomato has already done most of it’s enzyme actions to reach that peak of flavor and the cells have passed all the volatile compounds they’re going to….THEN I would give my blessings to a cool surrounding for the Tomato. By the way, the “Room Temperature” theory also holds true for Catchup. I’ve been slathering Catchup all over everything since I was a tyke and I have NEVER refrigerated a bottle of Catchup….not once. I can’t say that Catchup doesn’t spoil, but I can say, I guess we never had a bottle around long enough to find out.

A brief check with the Google folks tells me you can have an open bottle of Heinz around for a year before it starts to deteriorate. The contents of a bottle of Catsup, Catchup, or Ketchup is HIGHLY acidic, thus the ability to ward off spoilage for a long period of time.
Well, I hope I’ve provided a brief look into the technicalities of Tomato Chilling versus Non Tomato Chilling so you can make an informed decision as to how you’ll treat your Tomatoes in the future….See You next month….☺

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