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The Tomatoes Are Innocent – I Cheated!

spanish rice with chorizo & pimentosLook, sometimes you’re in a hurry and the only way to set the clock back a tad is to take a little license with the food preparation for the family….just don’t tell them. This picture is typical of the dishes a lot of folks put together with rice and tomatoes and onions and a bunch of spices and stirring and…..well, you know the drill.

We’re going to take a little short cut here and it’s going to be delicious and quick and no one needs to know except you and me….deal? OK, here’s what you do. Run down to your local market and look for the “Uncle Bens” quick rice, the one that takes 90 seconds in its own plastic bag….you want “Rice Pilaf” or “Spanish Rice” depending on what you are accompanying the rice with…… get 2 bags if you want a heartier serving size. Next get “1” nice tomato and “1” small sweet onion. Check out quickly and make sure no one sees you with your goods. Now, in the comfort of your home, take the tomato and dice it up and do the same with the onion. Now comes the good part…throw the rice into the microwave and when done just place the rice in a serving bowl and mix in the tomatoes and onion…voila….done! Now just sit back and listen to the raves from the family. You’ve done it again!

PS….If you are really feeling energetic you can sauté the onions until translucent.
Creative Commons License photo credit: jules:stonesoup

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