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Tomato Nirvana Approaching

B.L.T.The only thing missing is the REAL Hellmans Mayonnaise! I know…we’re not supposed to like anything that taste good, but I’m going to enjoy a little decadence anyway! So, you’re probably wondering why I would post about an old standby like the BLT. It’s simple, sometimes easy is best, simple is supreme, quick is faster to the taste buds! Not only all of that, but I’ve got a tomato out in the garden that is just a day or two from being ready to pick….and believe me when I tell you, it will be picked the second it’s ready!

Ralphies “Red Ryder B-B Gun” of “Christmas Story” fame has nothing over that red fruit out in the garden….how do I love thee…..let me count the ways….OK, so I’ve gone overboard, but that tomato is going to supply a reasonable facsimile of Christmas in July. I just hope you have something in your garden ready for the stop watch!
Creative Commons License photo credit: andycoan

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