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The Tomato and Nitrogen

TomatoWell this is a fine mess, you put too much nitrogen on your plants and look what happened! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Lions, or Tigers, or Bears….Oh MY!

Tomatoes love Nitrogen (N2…..eighty percent of what you’re breathing right now). Well, thank goodness, this is actually the vision of “Things to come” in your future garden if you don’t pay attention. Of course this would be just dandy to prevent sun scald, but it would also harbor a perfect climate to encourage fungus’s…..or is that fungi? How do you feel about how easy all this tomato business was going to be now? Buck up….it’ll get easier as we move along ☺

Well, it’s not all that bad if you just remember that tomatoes need a little boost in nitrogen in the 2nd and along into the beginning of the 3rd month of fruiting. Nitrogen is essential for photosynthesis which is essential for the general health of the plant, but we don’t want to over do it. So I don’t mean you need to put our tomato plants on N2 inter venous feeding, but a fertilizer like a 5-10-10 would do nicely sprinkled sparingly around the plant stem in a 4 inch radius, maybe once every two weeks. You may recall from last weeks pearls of wisdom that the numbers on the fertilizer bag or box refer to the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in that order….so when I say a 5-10-10 fertilizer we get Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Nitrogen to REPLACE the Nitrogen used by the plant and of course the Phosphorus for the fruit health plus Potassium to continue the encouragement of root functions. Another way to fertilize is to use Miracle Grow for Tomatoes. I’ve used it for years with great results, but the real bonus is the ability to fertilize with no danger of burning the plant or over doing it in relative moderation. Just follow the instructions supplied with the product and you’ll be fine.

PLEASE keep in mind that all our efforts here will return different results as we move through the growing year, your job is to take note of the major glitches ( if any) that appear and solve them. Just remember….”Wisdom comes from experience, and experience come from the lack of wisdom” and you’ll be fine. ☺ Naturally, we are here to help as well, so you can always feel free to drop a line to us at tomato411(at)gmail.com .

Next week I’ll be throwing some plants into the ground…this is where the real fun begins!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Anika Malone

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