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Tomato Calories

OK, I get a lot of questions about how many calories are in our favorite fruit, or the low down on Tomato Calories! Well, all the svelte ladies out there will be excited to know they can indulge in a tomato feeding frenzy with nearly zero impact on that perfect figure they have worked so hard to achieve! Actually the tomato has about 33 calories for a medium sized tomato (8 ozs.) Cherry tomatoes are just a tad higher, almost immeasurable, due to a slightly higher sugar content.

An added benefit is the ranking in various diet programs that give the tomato a “Zero” count towards total daily intake. I’d say that’s one helluva benefit for all you tomato lovers out there and even the folks that haven’t grown to love our favorite vegetable or fruit depending upon your viewpoint.

We’ll be visiting some recipes in the future that will add a little flavor and color to your life so please be sure and stop back as we head for a tomato encyclopedia site, hopefully!

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