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Ending Tomato Season

I’ve had a number of folks ask me about “Yellowing” leaves on their tomato plants….kinda like the picture over there on the right….

There are a bunch of reasons why the leaves turn yellow with a progression up the plant as the growing season ages. The main reason is it’s perfectly normal. As the season moves along you’ll find that the bottom leaves kind of just don’t do as well as upper leaves, this is the result of the plant caring more for the growing part of the plant to the detriment of the already been used part of the plant….make sense? You see the leaves are really yellow anyway….think of it as the same thing as Fall coming on with the various tress displaying their colors as the water and light dissipate.  Speaking of “Water”, that is the next main reason leaves yellow…not enough water. You see this a lot earlier in the growth cycle when it’s a watering problem, the solution is to water on a more frequent basis. I hope this alleviates any anxiety you folks may have had. ☺

OK, so what’s ahead for our little “Tomato Blog”….well I’m going to cut the scheduled blog posting back to the first Saturday in October, November, and December of 2011 and January, February, and March of 2012….that’s officially, I will probably be throwing in a few posts here and there as I find suitable items of interest.

I WILL be posting next week too….a kind of wrap up of the container episode in Tomato Growing adventures. So be sure and stop back and I’ll keep you informed on what we’ll be looking at in the off-season….All the best!

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