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A Few More Tips For Your Tomatoes

Well, we’re winding down to the final days of “Tomato Production”! Pretty soon the leaves will turn brilliant and beautiful colors and we’ll enter our celebration season for the bountiful harvest we enjoy in America (if not our own little corner out in the garden). So, in that spirit I present the following…….

  • To prevent damage, don’t pile your tomatoes in an airless container—baskets are ideal. Store fruits no more than two deep to avoid bruising and rot.
  • Tomatoes, including the greenest stragglers of the season, don’t ripen best in the sun. For best results, wrap underripe fruit lightly in newspaper and store stem end down in a dark, dry, cool place (60° to 70°F). Check often.
  • Tomatoes taste best at room temperature. But if you are not able to eat them within a day or so after picking, you can refrigerate them for up to 5 days. There is a cost in flavor with any refrigeration, but allowing them to return to room temperature before eating affords some redemption.
  • To retain the most flavor from ripe fruit you can’t use within a day or two, process it into fresh (uncooked) sauce or salsa. Either keeps for 7 to 10 days in the fridge; for best flavor, serve them at room temperature or warmer.
  • Puree and freeze extras for later use in sauces and soups. Easier still, freeze whole tomatoes, unpeeled, one or two to a freezer bag. They peel easily when defrosted and can then be passed through a tomato press or food processor.
  • Barbara Rodriguez over at “Organic Gardening” provided these tips to help us out.Day 229: Harvest
    Creative Commons License photo credit: quinn.anya

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