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Storing Those Tomatoes The Right Way!

OK, What tomato do you want to eat?

Personally, I would opt for the one on the right!

I’ve heard that storing a tomato with its stem end facing down can prolong it’s usable life. To test this theory, I placed one batch of tomatoes stem-end up and another stem-end down and stored them at room temperature. A week later, nearly all the stem-down tomatoes remained in perfect condition, while the stem-up tomatoes had shriveled and started to mold. Why the difference? I think that the scar left on the tomato skin where the stem once grew provides both an escape for moisture and an entry point for mold and bacteria. Placing a tomato stem-end down blocks air from entering and moisture from exiting the scar. To confirm this theory, I ran another test, this time comparing tomatoes stored stem-end down with another batch stored stem-end up, but with a piece of tape sealing off their scars. The taped, stem-end-up tomatoes survived just as well as the stem-end-down batch. Aren’t I brilliant? What’s that you say?……Well I thought is was pretty smart, boy, some folks are REALLY cranky today! Anyway, if you make sure that the stems are down you can dispense with the sealing tape and get the results you want!


Here is an old recipe that is excellent for those extra tomatoes or when they’re just a “little” too ripe.

If you have too many tomatoes and you can’t give them away for fear of being hit by one of the last batch you forced on your neighbor, here’s a great lost recipe….Tomato Water! Yes Tomato Water….really fairly easy to make and the flavor is just something you have to experience for yourself, maybe it will put you in a better mood…..guffaw! You can use the Tomato Water for all kinds of things…..

  • As a base for Bloody Marys
  • As an added flavoring for beer or vodka
  • As a base for gazpacho or cocktail sauce
  • As a poaching liquid for shrimp, calamari or lobster
  • As a dressing for fresh oysters
  • As a marinade for white fish
  • As a vinaigrette mix-in
  • As a rice seasoner
  • Chilled and over ice, with basil

Here’s how to make it….CLICK HERE

Obviously I stole this recipe from one of my favorite cooks sites. That would be Alton Brown, I strongly suggest you get the “Serious Eats” from the guy that authors “Good Eats”! Once you have your Tomato Water you are really only confined by your imagination tempered with common sense…Enjoy!

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