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Red Isn’t Just For Tomatoes!

You may not be aware of this but there is considerable evidence that “Red” plastic weed barrier is NOT especially helpful for new Tomato plants and tomato seedlings. Seems the problems come in with the reaction weeds have with red plastic….they kind of like it! I’ve hung around forums for quite a while now and the other day someone asked about “Red Plastic Mulch” and I was really shocked at all the negative remarks that were posted. As a result I did a little investigation of my own. Seems that studies have shown that the only really effective color for the killing of weeds is our old friend the “Black Plastic Mulch”.

The premise is that the UV light reflected from the red side of the spectrum reacts with the pigmentation in the tomato skin and aids in ripening. A number of schools have run experimentation with all of this (Penn State, University of Oregon, Cornell, and others) and all came to pretty much the same conclusion, there are too many variables to accurately rate the color red for the Tomato as a fix all to ripening. Too many other factors have a major influence on the tomato to get a good reading on the mulch’s influence and given the weed problems I personally will stick with black!

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