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Let’s Get Out The Tomato Minion…

character_with_magnify_glass_17698Alrighty then….here we are at the bitter end of the Tomato Season and a fair season it was. Not the best ever in Michigan but pretty good!
So what do we need to do now? Let’s take a quick look at what we can do to help out for next season.
First and foremost is to clean out all the old plants and rough up the soil a tad. Use a 3 or 4 prong garden cultivator to just give the soil a quick turn and roughing. The reason you want to do that is Tomato Worms. They burrow into the soil to reappear next season. There are those they claim that the winter cold kills the cocoon….that my friends is total Bull S**t!! So rough up that soil, the tomato or tobacco worms don’t burrow very deep….maybe an inch and a half, so if you expose them or kill them BEFORE they can become a moth in the Spring you’re WAY ahead of the game.
Obviously part of the clean up is putting away any cages or frames or post you used to support the Tomato plants. One of the key things you can do on a continuing basis is to feed the soil.
What should you use to “Feed” the soil? Egg shells are excellent, Coffee grounds are excellent to condition the soil and make it better for earthworms…..speaking of earthworms, if you have access to any place them in your garden beds, they do miraculous work if you let them. DO NOT place anything in the beds that would be considered food for any criters in the area unless were talking microscopic critters.
Another thing you may want to do is decide what Seed Catalogs you’d like to receive next year if you’d like to take a shot at growing your own plants from scratch. There are articles here at the top under “Tomato Seed Vendors” or you can Google “Tomato Seeds” and you’ll have all the support you ever wanted.
That wasn’t too painful was it? Next month brings us towards the Christmas season…we’ll see if we can’t get some thought flowing for Christmas gifts for gardeners…see you then ☺

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