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Hey! Mulch Those Tomatoes!

I know it looks kinda innocuous, but it can save your as……butt in this kind of weather. Tomatoes enjoy hot weather, but the weather we have been having in Michigan is pretty much symptomatic of the nation as a whole….HOT with varying degrees of small or NO rainfall. I know most folks think mulching is a “Spring Planting Event”, but a quick check will probably yeild a few bare spots and that’s all it takes to leak moisture and expose leaves to soil that might cause some problems….so if you haven’t mulched already….GET TO IT!!! If you have mulched check to see you don’t have any bare spots and fill them in if you do!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that can go wrong when we don’t mulch. I know a lot of you ask about Fusarium wilt. It generally manifests itself when the warm weather arrives….I know some of you have seen it…The lower leaves will turn yellow, and the yellowing is often confined to one side or the other of the midrib. You have to remove the effected leaves and discard them in the garbage….NOT your compost pile….if you have one. If you had mulched, no soil would have splashed onto your tomato leaves and thus you wouldn’t have fusarium wilt. Hey, here’s a chance to go up top and click on the “Tomato Diseases and Problems” page. As a matter of fact, I’m going to make this your homework assignment for next week….I’d like a 500 word report, double spaced, on why I mulch my Tomatoes and how Jack’s Tomato 411 site helped me make (Grow) the best Tomatoes in the county because I used his new page about diseases and problems. Additionally, I want you to tell a minimum of 50 people about this site….if you don’t know 50 people…get out there and socialize!

OK…that should keep you busy until next week. Starting next week I’ll probably start throwing in a few more recipes given that the tomatoes should start to flow very quickly from this point forward.

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