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It’s Not Harry Vetch, It’s Hairy Vetch!

VetchingOK, in the book (Tomato 411) I mentioned Hairy Vetch as a great mulch for your tomato plants, but there are plenty of other mulches that do a great job. One of the reasons I mentioned Hairy Vetch for a mulch was planting it renews the Nitrogen in the soil. This is a key element to good tomato growth, BUT, there are plenty of easier and efficient mulches available. There’s straw, cypress, wood chips, cardboard, newspapers, plastic, compost, and the list is almost endless. The PRIMARY function for mulch is to try to achieve an even moisture content in the soil. Keeping weeds to a dull roar, providing additional nutrients, building soil structure, building soil content, and making a nice appearance are subsidiary to keeping our plants well watered, or more accurately, not allowing them to dry out.

So, whatever you chose to use is generally OK, including our friend Hairy Vetch in the photo. Just remember what your goal was when you put down whatever material you chose to use….Keep it watered!

Creative Commons License photo credit: pawpaw67

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