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Happy Jetstar Tomatoes

Tomatoes growing In A PlanterHow about these beauties, aren’t they the happiest Jetstar tomatoes you’ve ever seen? If you turn off the TV, close the windows so the neighbors don’t have a lot of distracting noises coming in your window, and then turn up your speakers on the computer you can almost hear them singing! So far they haven’t taken any of my request, but I’m sure later in the season they’ll be a little more receptive to my wishes.

OK, so why are we here today? We’re here to bring us up to date on our pals the tomatoes. Well, as you can see, we’ve got a new development….take a look over there on the right, our first tomato of the season has arrived and we’re ready to welcome it with a little dose of fertilizer. Folks are always asking me about the best time to fertilize. Actually I’m not absolutely sure about that. Years of reading and observation and advice from the “Experts” has lead me to one conclusion. The first fertilization should always occur about the time fruit is set….I mentioned that last post. It seems this is a time when the plant really needs a small boost. I use Miracle Grow. I like the fact that it is water soluble and is readily absorbed by the plant whether it’s through the root system or directly on the plant itself. After our initial boost I’ll give the tomatoes another small shot every two weeks until the plant starts to slow down near the end of September. Please remember that all this excellent advice and insight is really nothing more or less than what Dorothy discovered behind the curtain.☺ Every one of you is planting in a different environment with different soil, drainage, exposure to the sun, amounts of rain, temperatures, pests, and yes, even the plant stock itself! Only time and observation will tell you what is best for your situation…and I’ll occasionally tell you what is best…..provided the curtain is closed and no dogs bother me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the “Experts” can only provide large generalities as to the best approach to growing tomatoes or any other plant. The real expert here is you, yes you! Don’t get an ulcer over your plants, just enjoy them and keep your eyes open, you’ll be absolutely astounded at what you’ll learn about your little corner of “Plant Heaven”. OK, that’s it for this week. We’ll take a look at all the plants next week and see how they’re progressing. Until then, keep those visions of the first tomato dancing in your head, they’ll be here before you know it!

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