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Growing Tomatoes Requires Water!!

No, No, No…..Not the way you think! I mean we don’t need water for growth reasons, we need water for “Protection” reasons!! Have you ever gone out to the Garden and seen a Tomato with an open wound….to high off the ground to be a ground critter, but opened up just the same?!

fire_hydrant_800_clr_8582OK! Here’s the answer to the mystery and perhaps the answer to a whole lot more than just a mystery! I discovered this more by accident than use of my intellect….and anyone that knows me would have already figured this out! ☺
You know who cause that gaping wound? A Bird! Yes a bird, and do you know why that bird would mess with your pearls of the garden? Simple, it was thirsty! Yes my friends birds get thirsty too! So they open up a Tomato to have a little sip of moisture.
So what impact does this little revelation have on your gardening efforts? Plenty, if your paying attention. Aside from helping out the birds with their thirst there are TONS of reasons why we would want to provide a nice water source to attract birds to our plot of Tomatoes. Want to make sure your Tomato plants don’t have the dreaded “Tomato Horned Worm”? Want to make sure aphids and thrips don’t flourish? Care to have a generally healthy garden, all Tomatoes aside? Well then, you want a flourishing population of birds! Birds LOVE caterpillars, they love most of those pesky little nuisances that populate the underside of leaves, and they look for ground insects that generally don’t add to the growth of our beloved Tomatoes, as well as other vegetables in the garden! So let’s put a bird bath or some other source of water containment in the garden and attract as many birds as we can! The dividends paid are huge and actually we’re providing a much needed service to our feathered friends. So get out there and invite the birds into the garden. You’ll see less nuisances and more healthy Tomatoes for your efforts!

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