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What Can The Grocery Store Tell Us?

TomatoesOK, we know these tomatoes are wet, but are they cold? I certainly hope not. Cold is the enemy of tomatoes, not only in the garden, but in our homes after they’ve been harvested. Tomatoes loose flavor almost immediately after being refrigerated. There is an enzyme released within the tomato when subjected to cooler temperatures that causes a tremendous loss of flavor. I’ve been to many a friends home and observed tomatoes in the fridge, I always ask why they are refrigerating their tomatoes. The answers are as varied as my friends are, but they always refer to some mystical piece of folk lore about keeping tomatoes. Let’s set the record straight. Next time you’re at the grocery market….Meijers, Hardings, D&W, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Felpauch’s, Giant Eagle, Cubs, Sam’s, Walmart, Western Food Marts, Trader Joes, I don’t care where you look, are the tomatoes in the store refrigerated? I’ll save you a trip, NO! Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, but it’s a lesson that many folks seem to disregard. What’s the lesson? Well, if all these stores with their expert marketing strategies don’t refrigerate their tomatoes, what should we do? If you answered, “not refrigerate our tomatoes” you’re on the way to really enjoying the consumption of your tomatoes. Any other answer may need a session with the marketing folks at your local market, or you could re-read this post. The choice is yours. Thanks for visiting!
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