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Hey, do you guys remember me talking about American Indians and how they planted corn?…..That’s good, because I didn’t talk about Indians and corn on this blog, but the American Indian was pretty smart….and WAY advanced over the average settler, both in Plymouth and in the West as we moved forward to form this great country we call The United States of America (I was required to say this because of the recent Fourth of July Celebration we enjoyed….just call it Gratuitous Americana). OK, anyway, I was talking about “Fish” and fertilizing crops. I’m posting a video of a young lady that’s using one of my favorite “Secrets” to healthy tomato plants….the ever popular “Fish Fertilizer”.

There’s another trick I like to use although I have to admit I haven’t done it in a while mainly because I haven’t been fishing with any small people. It’s a garden builder for sure. If you have any young children or nieces or nephews or neighbor kids or just some small person you think would like some attention this works great!! Go fishing…catch “ANY” garbage fish and DON’T throw it away! Keep it for the Garden. When you get home you can either bury the fish in the garden directly or bury it in a special place….call it the “Fish Graveyard”. The fish will decay imparting excellent additives to the soil….later this becomes the soil you plant your tomatoes in. You can teach a child to fish AND build a garden all in one great adventure.

OK Folks….Happy Fourth of July to America and to you! No advertisements this month….just celebrate being American! We have our faults, but I can tell you this much, we’re way ahead of whoever is in second place! ☺


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