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Fertilizer Helps Right About Now

tomato bountyThese beauties all have one thing in common, they were well fed. Right about now as your tomato plants are pouring forth their excellent fruits they might be getting a little tired. A good thing to do is give them a little boost. I personally prefer Miracle Grow but there are plenty of great fertilizers out there that fit the need very well. One of the things I do to give the plants a good boost is to spread the feeding over a three day period. It’s a simple process and requires minimal time. Essentially I cut the feeding rate to a third of recommended amounts and do it over three days in order to provide the same recommended amount, just a longer period of time. If you planted your tomatoes in waves, you want to feed the first plants with this application and the others later by the amount of time between the planting waves.

OK then you’ll be all done with fertilizing for the year after this procedure. Sure, if it makes you feel better you can fertilize as conscience dictates, but for the most part you will have done all that is necessary with the mid season feeding. Good Luck!
Creative Commons License photo credit: bnilsen

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