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Well The Disease Page Is Here!

Yes Tomato Fans, I’ve been threatening to start what I promised a while back! A real live page where you can look up any maladies haunting your Tomato Plants. Well I’ve finally done it! Yes sir, right up there on top…see it?  “Tomato Diseases and Problems”. We only have one entry so far but it’s a Duesey! All the way from Ithaca, NY. That’s where the Cornell University’s “Plant Pathology” labs are….and damned fine labs they are too! Why when I was a kid I used to go to Ithaca and use the huge Telescope they had…..what’s that?…..You don’t care?…..Well, OK, I guess I can leave that little chapter of my formative years out then…but I thought it was pret……OK……I’m done with that and I’ll….”Get on with it!”…as you so in-eloquently put it…sheesh….this is a rough crowd today! Anyway if you go to the page above and click on the “Click Here” link you’ll be able to play around with the Cornell Plant Sketch and click on “Fruit” or “Leaves” and generally look around. If You spend some time there you’ll find all kinds of neat information and even information about other plants and their problems.

So when we try to help out little Tomato buddies out, we’ll have a page to look up the problems.

I’ll be adding additional links onto the page as I find suitable candidates for superior help with diagnosing anything bothering our Tomato plants, So stay tuned and I’ll let you know when something new gets inserted into the page.

Good Luck…..and remember what Red Green always says, “We’re all in this together!”

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