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Black Light For Red Tomatoes?

Curing2Is this dentist checking for Tomatoes in the patient’s mouth? Well, actually, no. I don’t know what the hell the dentist is doing….but I DO know another use for that ultraviolet light, or as it is popularly known, “Black Light”.

You can do some serious detective work with a “Black Light Flashlight” or an extension cord with a Black light attached. I can hear you now, “What kind of detective work? I always wanted to be like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew”. OK I’ll tell you. You can do “Pest Detection” with a black light. The pest you can detect is none other than the infamous “Tomato Horn worm”, yup, the critter brightly glows at night when one of these lights is shined on them! So, instead of standing stooped over a tomato plant looking for the invisible tomato hornworm until the neighbors are pretty sure you’ve entered a comotose state, you can now sneak outside after dark and rid yourself of these critters without any neighborhood rumors as to your mental condition. Pretty neat huh? I have to admit that I’ve embarrassed myself on more than one occasion looking for these masters of camouflage.

Where do you get one of these wands of discovery? Well, you could borrow one, you could purchase one….just look for portable black lights or black light flashlights, or you could find a dentist office REAL close to your garden. I’m opting for the black light flashlight…it’s on sale for $7.00 bucks plus shipping…just search google for “Black Light Flashlights”. Good hunting!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Conor Lawless

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