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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors, Maybe!

The wheels of progress grind slowly and the progress of this book is no exception. For all of you out there that want to publish a book may I suggest that you take a generous dose of patience before you begin your journey to put your words to print. When the publisher finally accepted the book for print one of the big items was helping to get the book onto Amazon.com because of their exposure to the Internet. Well, as you may recall, we got onto Amazon, but one of the major items I wanted the Tomato 411 book to have was the provision to “Look Inside” as an amenity. It turns out that feature is handled by a whole different group of folks…Amazon folks….but another group. As a result I had to prepare the book a little differently than I previously had so it kind of turned into an adventure. Finally, I have the “Look Inside feature as illustrated by the picture!

As Milton’s Sonnet proclaims….

“They also serve who only stand and wait.”

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